Contemporary Jewelry


Catch me if you can

I can be slippery and I can be eaten but I am not a fish
What am I ?
Copper,Silver, acrylic color, oil on canvas
Brooch, 2019
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos


I can see you, but you cannot look at me.
Everyday I will be there to bring light even in
the darkest moment. What am I? 
The Sun.
Copper, Silver, Acrylic ,oil on canvas
Brooch, 2019



Sweet Piece

I am sweet but I can also be sorrow.
I am fond of surprises but only the good ones.If you want 
to follow me you will have to search deeper.
What am I?
Your heart.
Copper, Acrylic, Silver, Oil on canvas
Brooch, 2019



Tea Time

You can drink me and give you comfort.
Sometimes I am bitter sometimes I am sweet but 
I am not a tea. What am I ?
Copper, Silver, Acrylic, Oil on canvas
Brooch, 2019



Flip Horizontal

When you look at your reflection in the mirror
I am always there looking at you back but I am not visible.
What am I?
Your Vanity
Copper, Acrylic, Silver, Oil on canvas
Brooch, 2019