Contemporary Jewelry

The music that you play

Is the music that you hear..
Copper, Silver, acrylic colour, flock
Necklace, 2018
Photography by Alexis kamitsos



We come in peace

That is a lie.
We never come in peace.
Copper,Silver, acrylic colour, flock, plexiglass, glass
Brooch, 2017
Photography by Alexis kamitsos



The Moment

And the moment is gone…
Copper, Silver, Acrylic colour, hourglass
Neckpiece, 2017
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos





To protect its owner from danger.
The scarab as a symbol of eternity and spiritual immortality
Rolls its pellet where life is born in it as an outcome of spiritual concentration.
So humble but at the same time so powerful.
Copper, Silver, acrylic colour, magnifying glass
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos




Say cheeeese!

Copper, Silver, acrylic colour
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos




Its all a matter of perspective

Master your mind to focus on the bright side.
Everything is possible.
Copper, Silver, acrylic colour, flock,glass, mirror
Necklace, 2017





Wandering Star

Copper, Silver, acrylic colour, bronze, enamel, glass
Brooch, 2017






Ex Ovo Omnia

Everything comes from an egg.(William Harvey).
Copper, Silver, acrylic colour ,fluorescent colour
Brooch, 2017




Think before you act!

Copper, Silver, flock , acrylic colour
Brooch, 2017


Fast Life

Live slow , die old.
Copper, Acrylic, Silver
Brooch, 2018