Contemporary Jewelry

Myth Series Collection

Myth Series III is a third collection of contemporary Jewelry exploring paths
between fantasy and reality by manifesting them in large scale .



Ofis is an ancient Greek word for snake.
Office is an English word for an area where work is done.
In Greek language  there are two different words for work
with two different meanings .
Work meaning slavery 
Work meaning producing work 
Sometimes your work can be your venom.
Copper,Silver,Acrylic colour
Ring, 2017
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos

Sleep like an angel

Remember those times when your grandparents
 used to tellyou bedtime stories on  cold
 winter nights and then kiss you goodnight
Copper, silver, acrylic colour
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos


You hear but you dont listen.
Poor communication !
Copper,Silver, Acrylic colour
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos




Look at yourself , what do you see?
 Lack of empathy is the root to self-centered
 human being and can be very dangerous especially
 when they relate with other people.
 Egoism is a destructive passion according to Aristotelis but
 be careful because sometimes the cat eats the fish.

Copper, Silver, Acrylic colour, Mirror

Photography by Alexis Kamitsos




Keep the faith

Keep your head on the clouds and your feet on the ground.
Copper,Silver, Acrylic colour
Brooch, 2017
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos



Happy birthyday song

In life at the exact moment that a human
 or a creature dies,
Someone else is being born.
According to the chaos theory a flutter
of a butterfly s wing can ultimately cause
 a typhoon halfway around the world.
Copper, silver, acrylic colour, antique music box
Bracelet, 2017




 The transition into sleeping phase.The sensation of body leaving conciousness
And entering the world of dreams.
This transition is often accompanied by a hypnagogic spasm.
Copper,Silver, Acrylic colour
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos






Run for your life

It is an emergency. Abandon the ship of guilt! 
Don’t let the feeling paralyze you. Run!
Copper, Silver, Glass, Acrylic colour
Necklace, 2017






Me as a reflection of you

The memory of the past is a strong influence of how
people think about their  future. A wounded memory of the past
often alters the view of the future. It is a matter of changing the perspective
in order to break free from the haunting past and turn it into something
”Life can only be understood backwards ,but it must be lived forwards”.
(Soren Kierkegaard)
Copper, Silver, acrylic colour, ink, magnifying glass, flock 







Fight or flight

The intensity of emotion will determine you response.
You can either stay and fight the enemy or decide that
the enemy is stronger  and leave in fear. Either way your brain
although being under the accute stress will decide the best solution
for your survival
Copper, silver, acrylic colour, mirror
Neckpiece, 2017






Human nature

Wealth does not bring goodness but goodness brings wealth
and every other blessing.(Socrates).
Copper, silver, acrylic colour
Neckpiece, 2017
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos



To be continued https://www.artemisvalsamaki.com/myth-series-iv/