Contemporary Jewelry

Cross my heart

Cross my heart and hope to die .
Stick a needle in your eye.
Be very careful when you lie.
Being a liar to the bone can be very addictive  and dangerous at the same time.
Dishonesty  and eroding trust is an action that returns to the adresser
Τhe crocodile tears will not save you.
Copper, silver, acrylic colour, flock, wood veneer
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos



Feeling Blue

 Happiness vs Sorrow .
Are you addicted in unhappiness and suffering?How truly happy are you in your life?
The path for happiness is unique for each human being and a lonely one as well.
‘‘ Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,the whole aim and end of human
existence ‘‘. (Aristotle).
 Copper, silver, acrylic color, wood veneer, flock.
Neckpiece , 2019
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos



Stoned to the bone

A 70s Glam-Rock Star boot all shiny and promising a pleasant trip with extravagant  experiences 
and momentary pleasures.
But this boot is worn out at the end, living a helpless  body , impotent to stand on its own feet.
 Copper,Silver, Acrylic color, Wood veneer, flock
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos


Sugar tooth

Rewarding yourself with something sweet in exchange for  completing something.
Brain control is the only way to make the culprit surrender  and let go of this craving.
But  no one can resist  to a gummy bear.
 Copper, silver, acrylic color, Wood veneer, flock
Necklace, 2019
Photography by Alexis Kamitsos