Contemporary Jewelry

Valsamaki Artemis , 1978,  Athens,Greece



1999-2002: Graduation from Mokume Silversmithing and Jewellery Design School

1996-1999: BA in Design from Vakalo School, Department of Graphics Design



2004: Theatrical Marionette  at the MAIRIVI Puppet Art Workshop, Athens, Greece
2004: Rag doll at the MAIRIVI Puppet Art Workshop , Athens ,Greece
2003: Drama Games at the Theatre of Changes, Athens, Greece
2002: Enamel and clasp making techniques at an Institute of Vocational Training.



2019: Screen Printing, Athens , Greece
2016: Substance and absence part 2 presented by Jorge Manilla, Athens,Greece
2015: Substance and absence presented by Jorge Manilla, Athens,Greece
2015: Corporeo in corporeo presented by Jorge Manilla,Athens Greece


Exhibitions in Greece


2023: “A History of Revolutions”, Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens ,Greece
2019: Athens Jewelry Week , Benaki Museum , Athens
2018: Surrealistic Toys , A S Gallery Contemporary  Jewelry and Art , Crete Island , Greece
2018: New Horizons, From Jewelry to sculpture,  Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens
2018: The After Joya Effect 5  , Popeye loves olive Art space, Athens
2018: Athens Jewelry  Week , “ Intersecting spaces’’, Benaki Museum , Athens
2017: “The After Joya Effect 4”, Popeye Loves Olive art space, Athens
2016: “The After Joya Effect 3”, Popeye loves olive art space, Athens
2016: Athens Jewelry Week, ”Intersecting spaces”, Melanithros art space, Athens
2014 :Symbols.Contemporary Art Jewelery Exhibition at the Industrial Gas Museum (Technopolis),Athens
2013: Without freedom there is no art. Contemporary Art Jewelery Exhibition at the Popeye Loves Olive Art Space, Athens
2013: Eternal Bliss. Contemporary Art Jewelery and Objects Exhibition at El.Marneri Gallery, Athens
2012: Mentis is opening again Exhibition  based upon materials of Mentis artisanship at the Benaki Museum,Athens
2011: Three landscapes of Paros , Artist in Residence ,Apothiki Art Centre, Paros
2010: TOOLS Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition at the TAF art foundation, Athens

2002: Contemporary Jewellery at the Lalaounis Jewellery Museum, Athens

2002: Trash Art Exhibition at the Industrial Gas Museum (Technopolis),Athens


International Exhibitions

2020: 5th International Biennale of contemporarry metal art , Metallophone Museum , Vilnius , Lithuania

2019:Joya Art Jewelry Fair, Barcelona, Spain

2018: Dandelion Fluff’s Flight through the Universe,’’Putti’’ Gallery,  Riga,  Latvia

2018: Hidden Curriculum, Melting point, Museu de la Ciutat, Valencia, Hosted by Popeye loves olive Art Space

2018: Hidden Curriculum, , Atelier  Cepissakova, Munich, Germany , Hosted by Popeye loves Olive

2017: Joya Art Jewellery fair, Barcelona, Spain

2016: Reproduced Paradise,Contemporary Jewellery and Art ,Abandoned Villa, Budapest,Hungary

2016: Joya Art Jewellery Fair,Barcelona,Spain

2016: Transit “ Jewelry from around the world’’, Creativity Oggetti Gallery, Turin, Italy

2016: Unclasped,Discovering  Contemporary Greek  Jewellery, Melbourne,Australia

2015: Joya Art  Jewellery Fair,Barcelona,Spain

2010: Handwerk and design, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich

2008: Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam


Solo exhibitions

2016: ”Landscapes of the mind”, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden

2017: ‘’Under the surface’’,Popeye  Loves Olive Art space,Athens, Greece



2019: Winner of the Joya Barcelona Art Fair award at Athens Jewelry Week

2018: Winner of the Athens Jewelry Week Award

2016:  Winner of the Public Award for the ”The After Joya Effect 3”at the Popeye Loves Olive art space, Athens



New Brooches , 400+ Contemporary Jewellry Designs, Nicolas Estrada , 2017
Self-publish Zine ”Reality of a dream” Issue 1 , 2021
Jewelry Catalogues Publications
Metalsmith magazine Vol 40 No 3 (2020)




Charon Kransen Arts

CODA  Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens Greece

Platina Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Popeye Loves Olive, Art Space , Athens , Greece



Member of the Chamber  of Fine Art of Greece




Current Obsession (https://www.current-obsession.com/athens-jewelry-week-artemis-valsamaki/)

Metalsmith magazine Vol 40 No3 2020 / Riddles and Myths: The Jewelry of Artemis Valsamaki by Bella Neyman / Snag – Space