Contemporary Jewelry

Valsamaki Artemis – Athens,Greece



1999-2002: Graduation from Mokume Silversmithing and Jewellery Design School

1996-1999: BA in Design from Vakalo School, Department of Graphics Design



2004: Theatrical Marionette  at the MAIRIVI Puppet Art Workshop, Athens, Greece
2004: Rag doll at the MAIRIVI Puppet Art Workshop , Athens ,Greece
2003: Drama Games at the Theatre of Changes, Athens, Greece
2002: Enamel and clasp making techniques at an Institute of Vocational Training.



2019: Screen Printing, Athens , Greece
2016: Substance and absence part 2 presented by Jorge Manilla, Athens,Greece
2015: Substance and absence presented by Jorge Manilla, Athens,Greece
2015: Corporeo in corporeo presented by Jorge Manilla,Athens Greece


Exhibitions in Greece


2023: “A History of Revolutions”, Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens ,Greece
2019: Athens Jewelry Week , Benaki Museum , Athens
2018: Surrealistic Toys , A S Gallery Contemporary  Jewelry and Art , Crete Island , Greece
2018: New Horizons, From Jewelry to sculpture,  Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens
2018: The After Joya Effect 5  , Popeye loves olive Art space, Athens
2018: Athens Jewelry  Week , “ Intersecting spaces’’, Benaki Museum , Athens
2017: “The After Joya Effect 4”, Popeye Loves Olive art space, Athens
2016: “The After Joya Effect 3”, Popeye loves olive art space, Athens
2016: Athens Jewelry Week, ”Intersecting spaces”, Melanithros art space, Athens
2014 :Symbols.Contemporary Art Jewelery Exhibition at the Industrial Gas Museum (Technopolis),Athens
2013: Without freedom there is no art. Contemporary Art Jewelery Exhibition at the Popeye Loves Olive Art Space, Athens
2013: Eternal Bliss. Contemporary Art Jewelery and Objects Exhibition at El.Marneri Gallery, Athens
2012: Mentis is opening again Exhibition  based upon materials of Mentis artisanship at the Benaki Museum,Athens
2011: Three landscapes of Paros , Artist in Residence ,Apothiki Art Centre, Paros
2010: TOOLS Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition at the TAF art foundation, Athens

2002: Contemporary Jewellery at the Lalaounis Jewellery Museum, Athens

2002: Trash Art Exhibition at the Industrial Gas Museum (Technopolis),Athens


International Exhibitions

2023: ”Tarot”,Galerie La Goaillerie Par Mazlo, Paris

2020: 5th International Biennale of contemporarry metal art , Metallophone Museum , Vilnius , Lithuania

2019:Joya Art Jewelry Fair, Barcelona, Spain

2018: Dandelion Fluff’s Flight through the Universe,’’Putti’’ Gallery,  Riga,  Latvia

2018: Hidden Curriculum, Melting point, Museu de la Ciutat, Valencia, Hosted by Popeye loves olive Art Space

2018: Hidden Curriculum, , Atelier  Cepissakova, Munich, Germany , Hosted by Popeye loves Olive

2017: Joya Art Jewellery fair, Barcelona, Spain

2016: Reproduced Paradise,Contemporary Jewellery and Art ,Abandoned Villa, Budapest,Hungary

2016: Joya Art Jewellery Fair,Barcelona,Spain

2016: Transit “ Jewelry from around the world’’, Creativity Oggetti Gallery, Turin, Italy

2016: Unclasped,Discovering  Contemporary Greek  Jewellery, Melbourne,Australia

2015: Joya Art  Jewellery Fair,Barcelona,Spain

2010: Handwerk and design, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich

2008: Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam


Solo exhibitions

2016: ”Landscapes of the mind”, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden

2017: ‘’Under the surface’’,Popeye  Loves Olive Art space,Athens, Greece



2019: Winner of the Joya Barcelona Art Fair award at Athens Jewelry Week

2018: Winner of the Athens Jewelry Week Award

2016:  Winner of the Public Award for the ”The After Joya Effect 3”at the Popeye Loves Olive art space, Athens



New Brooches , 400+ Contemporary Jewellry Designs, Nicolas Estrada , 2017
Self-publish Zine ”Reality of a dream” Issue 1 , 2021
Jewelry Catalogues Publications
Metalsmith magazine Vol 40 No 3 (2020)




Charon Kransen Arts

CODA  Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens Greece

Platina Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Private collections



Member of the Chamber  of Fine Art of Greece




Current Obsession (https://www.current-obsession.com/athens-jewelry-week-artemis-valsamaki/)

Metalsmith magazine Vol 40 No3 2020 / Riddles and Myths: The Jewelry of Artemis Valsamaki by Bella Neyman / Snag – Space