Contemporary Jewelry

Myth Series Collection

Myth Series II is a second collection of contemporary Jewelry exploring paths
between fantasy and reality by manifesting them in large scale .


Reality of a dream

Dream as an extention to reality.
Sometimes so real that can cause fear.
Sometimes they prophesize the future.
In ancient Greece people used to practise dream healing.
Patients slept on special ritual beds and dreamt of their healing
   Copper, Silver, acrylic paint
Brooch, 2016






Lonely night

Solitude vs loneliness.
The choice between being alone or being
lonely.Choose your options.
Copper, silver, Acrylic paint
Brooch, 2016



Watch your mouth

Be careful what you say.
Think before you speak.
Copper,Silver,Acrylic paint
Bracelet, 2016


Bad taste

Leaving a bad taste in someone’s mouth,
a bad memory you want to forget. Learning how
to trigger your mind to forget that memory.

Copper, Silver,Acrylic paint
Ring, 2016



Something terrible happened

The bearer of bad news.
The shocking truth you have to digest that
someone has passed away.No one loves the messenger
who brings bad news.(Sophocles).
Copper ,Silver, Acrylic paint






Lost within yourself.
Trying to find balance inside and
overcome the conflict in the mind.
Copper,Silver, Acrylic paint
Necklace, 2016

Love is a strange fruit

Isn’t it?
Copper,Silver,Acrylic paint
Brooch, 2016





I have to leave now

You are the physical expression of your soul
and your soul chooses when ,where and how to leave its
physical body and enter another phase of existence.
Copper,Silver,Acrylic paint
Necklace, 2016




Bright light

One of the most crucial mysteries in life
that concerns the human being is dealing with the immortality
of the soul.
According to some Greek ancient philosophers death is just a
separation between body and soul.The soul continues to exist
travels and reborns in another body in order to achieve
When the soul reaches the crowning of human evolution
there is no need for it to reincarnate any more.
Copper, Silver, Acrylic paint
Necklace ,2016



To be continued  https://www.artemisvalsamaki.com/myth-series-iii/